My first published Scrivener work

Well, this is not really something that makes me shout: “I’m a writer now!”. It’s just a magazine article, not a book. But, since I hadn’t been publishing anything for nearly two years, I feel I must share my joy for this accomplishment.

The December issue of InSound, a major music magazine in Italy, will include a long feature of mines, with an overview on music notation software. This is sort of a mini-essay, 4000 w. / 30000 c. long, speaking of technology, its implementation into existing programs, and the reasons why some musicians should like or dislike a certain kind of software.

In my continued effort to dismiss myself, I concluded my writing career during 2005 with a review on Sibelius, the music notation software. Now I’m back with an article including the same software. Sort of a “welcome back”, that was made possible by the pleasure of writing, I rediscovered when putting my hands on Scrivener. Another series of articles is on the way for this, and my old magazine (now owned by the major economic newspaper in Italy).

I owe a lot to our beloved program for this rebirth. Maybe I can even finish my NaNo, now!


Well, if you don’t shout, I will:

HOOORAY!!! And congrats!


EXCELLENT! Congratulations Paolo. 8)


Thank you! I forgot to say that a good part of my return to ‘typing’, was due to the great support offered by this community, with so many people willing to share their experience with other writers, or even with less experienced people. This is a very generous habit, and a very precious school.


Today I received both magazines. My long “focus” on Logic Studio has got the cover of Applicando. Exciting!


Heartiest Congrats` Paolo :laughing:
Good Luck and Success to You in the New Year :wink:

Take Care


It is always good to hear of success and one moving forward.