My formatting changes will not save. I save the file, sync, close. Open again, old formatting returns. Over and over..

I have notes at the end of each chapter, and I had originally written them in bold. I decided bold isn’t appropriate. I have like 100 chapters so we’re talking a lot of sections that are identical. I went through and changed ALL of them to regular instead of bold. I saved, let dropbox sync, closed the app. Reopen the doc… all the Bold is back. I have dont it 10+ times. A few sections stay regular, not sure why, but most come back as bold. I’m not sure what to do. I have videos if needed.

Intriguing problem. For what it is worth:

A) I would start by eliminating all indirect methods of accessing the project. None of this Open Recent stuff when test running.* Get to your Dropbox folder in Finder and open the project by double-clicking on it directly. See if doing the edit sticks then.

B) Have you tried pulling the project out of your dropbox folder and doing the edit? This would enable you to distinguish whether you are having a Scrivener problem or a Dropbox problem.**


  • Especially since you know for a fact that your Open Recent function exhibits some punkiness under some circumstances.

** If you don’t access the project on iOS, why is the project on Dropbox at all?