My goals as a writer...

I am not a published writer, though I am an avid one. I’ve been lost between the pages of books ever since I discovered what “book” meant and was blessed with the unusual gift of parents who love science fiction. I say unusual because there isn’t much of a following for science fiction in the Hispanic culture. The Hispanic countries are not part of the classically industrialized world, and there is a very real correlation between industrialization and love of science fiction.

I am currently enamored of two different authors from the UK, China Miéville and M. John Harrison. Both from the school of the new Weird Fiction, but both very unique in their personal style.

If I were to be emulating anyone, it would be these two gents.

I serve as a mod at one of the more populous writing forums here in internet land. If you come across a writing forum and see my screen name, then you’ve found the place. I’m Wreybies everywhere I go. :wink:

As for my goals, I don’t need to be famous. I would like to be published just the once. That would suffice.

The lack of many SF writers in the Hispanic culture is vastly compensated by the high number of great “fantasy” writers. From Cervantes, to Calderon, down to Borges, Cortazar and Marquez, the invention of fantastic worlds has been constant. Maybe that is the way of writing SF when Spanish is your native language.


Merci, or perhaps obrigado is more correct. Your location leads me in one direction and your name leads me in another.

Yes, realismo magico is a genre for which I am only recently coming to have an affection.