My Hybrid World query

Hi there,
Permanently trying to escape Windows, I’m considering setting up VBox on my already Linux system and running Windows XP in it and then install Scrivener there.
(Seems bit complicated trying to install and run it directly in Linux from my initial reading here.)

Not tried Scrivener before, but the rave notices all over have convinced me to try it.

I could also install Win8 which I own but no longer wish to run/install elsewhere.

All advice appreciated, pro or con! :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t have any issues installing Scrivener on Windows inside a VirtualBox VM. The hard part I think will be getting the VM & Windows running, but that hardly counts as “hard” these days if you have a windows license to install on a new machine. Either version of Windows should run Scrivener equally well.

I’ve only ever used a VM once or twice. Have you tried WINE? The 1.7.19 version and above will run Scrivener out of the box, without overrides.