my little review of Scrivener


I just posted a review of Scrivener with several good screenshots. It’s nothing too profound, but every bit of outreach helps, eh?


A very comprehensive review of a great product. I might add one feature perhaps as important as all the others, the ability to back up your work in whatever folder you wish. Every so often you see in these forums a complaint from someone who has lost all their work because they failed to back up regularly, if at all.

Sorry, I forgot to add my thanks for this! I did read the review straight after you posted it, and I only just realised I didn’t reply. Many thanks for covering Scrivener and spreading the word!
All the best,

You know, I never even really noticed the backup feature before. I really like that there is a “backup to zip” option as well.

Keith, thanks for making such a great program. I am well into my book project using Scrivener for all of my writing, and having a grand time of it. Well, writing isn’t always fun, but having the right tool for the job is always satisfying.