my new template--"Short Story Series"

I write and publish short stories that belong in series, so I created a short story series template. I’d like to upload it here following a suggestion from someone in another subforum. Please note that the personal information in the template is NOT confidential; if I am required to remove it, I shall, just let me know.

Oops. I don’t know which of the many files in the template folder to upload. Maybe someone can tell me.

Welcome to the forums, herminestrand!

Each file in the template folder is an individual project template. It should end with the extension .scrivtemplate

But… it’s probably easier if you just open a new ‘blank’ project in Scrivener using the template, and then upload that project folder instead. You’ll need to zip and upload the entire .scriv folder.

Looking forward to this! Thanks

Was this ever uploaded?

To share a project template, you can select it in the New Project window, then click the “Options” button and choose “Export selected template…” to save it somewhere accessible, then upload it here. As pigfender said, it will be in the format TemplateName.scrivtemplate.

(You will need to have first used Save As Template from your project, so that it appears as a template choice in the New Project window.)

I uploaded one here: