My screen has gone into black mode

Hi. My iOS has made itself black and I can’t see how to change it back to normal. I am using an iPad Mini 2. Can anyone help, please? Thanks.

From iOS settings: Scrivener > Appearance > Choose Light.


As well as Jim’s suggestion, you can toggle between light and dark mode:

  • when the binder is visible, by pressing and holding the project title at the top of the binder; or
  • when the binder is not visible, by pressing and holding the name to the right of the big left arrow at the top left of the screen (which will be either the folder you’re in, or the name of the project).

I imagine that this is what you did accidentally in the first place :grinning:.

Does that help?

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Oh, thank heavens. What a relief. Thank you both of you. I pressed and held the title at the top of the binder. That worked a treat. I am very grateful.

(I have no idea how to reply to you - I am on my mobile phone and the screen is tiny - I hope you see this.)

Okay, I had no idea that was a thing! Thanks for sharing it. :nerd_face:

We did!

It surprised me, too — found it completely by accident one day!