My .scriv file suddenly grew to 3.9GB

I just noticed that the Scrivener project I have been working with now has a file size of 3.9 gigabytes. :open_mouth: I looked at the package contents, and inside it is a file called 122.eflib . It is a database in EagleFiler, a program which I use all the time. But I have no specific database called 122.

The files in this giant folder are familiar to me. They appear to be a subset of a larger EagleFiler database, with a completely different name. So:
How did they get into my Scrivener project?
Why doesn’t this giant object show up anywhere in the Scrivener binder?
How do I safely get rid of it? Can I drag it out of the project and throw it away?
How do I avoid this happening again?

thanks for any suggestions.
PS. I am pretty new to Scrivener, although not to Mac.

If you drag a file (or otherwise import a file) into Scrivener, internally, Scrivener names that copy with a number and the appropriate extension. That extension will remain the same as the original if Scrivener can’t translate it into a Rich Text Format file.

So what must have happened is that you triggered an import of your eaglefiler database (or a subset thereof), and Scrivener dutifully added it to your project. There should be an entry in your binder (but not in the Manuscript/Draft folder) for your database. Look for the file name it would have had in the Finder. Delete that, and empty your Scrivener trash, and your project should shrink back to a reasonable size.

If for some reason you can’t find it in your binder, then close scrivener, and then just trash the 122.eflib file to the Mac OS X trash. The worst that will happen is that an entry in the binder will change to an empty document from one that could only be opened with an “external editor” from Scrivener.