My separates lists combine into a single list

So I have two lists and they are supposed to be like this:
Alternatives for section 11
• Lorem ipsum stuff

Alternatives for section 13
• Lorem ipsum
• Lorem ipsum

But if add or delete any entries in the second list then it makes "Alternatives for section 13 into a list.

I think at one point a couple years ago I had a question about lists and the answer was just that this is a Rich Text issue. If that is the problem do you know if there is a website that has workaround for these kinds of issues?

Select “Alternatives for section 13” and in the “Lists” pop-up button in the ruler, or in the Lists… sheet available from the Text menu, select “None”. It sounds as though it has list formatting associated with it even though it’s not showing a bullet - this is possible. (I rely on Apple’s standard text system for lists and tables, and the implementations of lists and tables aren’t pretty.)

Thanks- that seems to work.

It’s a two step process actually. Highlighting just the “alternatives to section 13” makes all lines after no longer a list. But then I could highlight those other two and make them into a list without it affecting the section heading.