My spell check does not work

Spell check has not worked for several months. I am on M1 MacBook Air running Big Sur 11.7.1

I upgraded to the newest version and still the spell check do not work.

Please help as I would appreciate the advice.

Hi Wilson, and welcome to the forum.

The first thing I’d do is ensure the Mac has the most recent version of macOS 11 Big Sur installed, which is version 11.7.10. Since Scrivener gets its spellcheck tools from the macOS, installing that version might improve the situation.

If that still doesn’t correct the issues, please confirm that spellcheck is enabled via Scrivener > Preferences > Corrections and have ticked the “Correct spelling errors as you type” box.

Next, let’s also confirm that spellcheck is enabled on your Mac via System Preferences > Keyboard > Text and ticking the “Correct spelling automatically” box. That’s the path on Macs using macOS 12 Monterey or older.

You’ll also want to review Edit > Spelling and Grammar to ensure the settings there are ticked.

If that all looks like you’d expect, please use a Finder panel to open your Mac’s Applications folder and start up TextEdit. It’s a text editing tool provided by Apple, and it uses the same text engine that Scrivener does.

You’ll want to test some of the misspellings that Scrivener hasn’t caught in TextEdit. Does it mark them? If it does, then there is an issue with Scrivener.

But if TextEdit behaves the same way with the misspellings, then we’ll know it’s the macOS text engine that’s a factor.

As an aside, the text engine used in Scrivener and TextEdit is a different one than Apple designed for their proprietary Pages program. Since that is the case, a Pages comparison will not be helpful.

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