My, this crow taste delish!

Well, after an initial gripe or two about the new forum software, here I remain, possibly checking in more often than I used to.

So, yes, I know I complained too loudly, and too soon.

As the previous paragraph indicates, I’m getting quite comfortable with the new way of doing things here, but I do have one more thing that I feel I need.

I wanna underline.

Specifically, when I am giving an example of a Scrivener command—such as “Project->New Text”—I’d like to underline the “P” in Project and that first, upper-case “T” in Text.

As it stands right now, I use bold wherever I would use underlining (“Project->New Text”), which is fine enough, I guess, but doesn’t imitate the program’s UI quite so well.


Glad to hear the new boot is getting broken in a bit. :smiley:

So one thing to keep in mind is that although Markdown is supported by the new forum, it does still use a fair amount of BBCode and a limited amount of HTML. Markdown itself does not have a way underlining text (a legacy going back to how it originally was designed for HTML output, where underlining isn’t often used to avoid confusion with hyperlinks), but you can certainly continue using the [u]previous[/u] method of doing so. Thus: Project ▸ New Text.

If you use a text expansion utility, it could probably make a lot of that easier, for example storing common menu commands all formatted and ready to go.

Really? That works still? Great to know.

This is great to know. I like to use underline to separate the gist of a help post from the explain-y part.

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I still miss “mark forums read,” but overall I think it’s an improvement. At least there’s a place to talk about the forum itself. :wink:

You know, I may be odd, but I never liked that aspect of the old forum. I always felt slightly bad getting rid of the unread indicators, and having to manage it felt like a bother. In the end I never bothered, and so for me everything was just orange all the time!