My Whole Chapter got Deleted - How do I get it back?? =((

So my laptop died while I was working on a section, and once I got it started again and opened it up, the first time Scrivener said Error couldn’t open, then opened up second time, but that whole entire section was completely deleted, not just the new changes. There were only a few changes made, so I thought just the changes wouldn’t be saved, but why did it delete whole section that had been saved from way before???

The file was connected to my Dropbox and Dropbox has all the other Scrivener chapters but not that one - that one, when I open it, is just a whole file that converted the words into hashtags ######. I think the other reason for the issue may have been because I didn’t realize at the time, but my internet wasn’t connected, so it couldn’t update to Drobox. But it still doesn’t make sense why it would delete entire file. The heading was still there, but no text.

It was the most important section, and I completely lost it. Please help! :frowning: :cry: :frowning:

Thank you.

I don’t know if this will work, don’t kill me if it makes things worse!

Look up how to use Word’s ‘Open and Repair’ tool.

Go to the folder that contains your Scrivener project, then Files>Docs. Inside will be a bunch of .rtf files, the one with the latest date should be the one you’re looking for. Use Word’s ‘Open and Repair’ tool to see if it can do so.

You may want to create a new project and either drag/drop between the binders, or copy/paste the text to get a clean new project.


Aw was really hoping this would work. Just tried it - unfortunately still nothing =/ On the Word rtf page it just turns up as a complete blank 7 pages, even after the Open & Repair tool.

Thanks anyway >___<

Before you do a lot with your computer (because it will use deleted space, try Piriform’s Recuva for windows. It’s saved me a few times and it’s free. Won’t work if your system has overwritten the space though.