My Writing Tool

(English not my main language, please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.)

Dear Scrivener Community,

I’m using Scrivener for years now, but I often struggle to find inspiration. As I’m a bit into software development, I always wanted to program something that runs in a browser. So, I thought I combine both and make something that could help getting over lack of inspiration somehow.

It started as a weekend project till I showed it to a friend who really liked it. I then started to add more features and polish it a bit. It took longer than expected, but I think it has now a shape which I like, and want to share it with you.

But what am I talking about? I called it “Writing Tool”. It’s very basic texteditor with some fun features. You can write blind, disable backspace, only see the word you are currently typing, set a time- and word-limit, get a random image or get a random article from Wikipedia (german and english) and more.

It is completely free and open source. You can try it here:
Thanks for reading. I would love to get some feedback. :slight_smile:

Not a professional writer yet found the source convenient to somehow enhance my writing habit. Though the app itself isn’t complicated and free to use. Give yourself a pat on the back.