MyColumn question


When you either open an existing file or create a new one in MyColumn, a new folder is created with the name of the file, and the file insider the folder is always named TXT.rtf.

Is there someway to change this behavior so that the new file is properly named and the seemingly superfluous new folder is not created?



That would seem to be a problem with your system. MyColumn saves to the RTFD format. RTFD is Apple’s Rich Text Format Directory format. It is a file package (i.e. a folder with the .rtfd extension) which contains the RTF file for the text (TXT.rtf) and any associated files (images, QuickTime files etc). If you save an RTFD file from TextEdit, to you see the same thing? If so, something odd is going on on your machine…

How strange. I’d been saving to RTF. Saving to RTFD solves the problem.

Many thanks!