Mysterious space preceding images

I’m currently working a project that includes about a dozen images.

I tend to drag images into the editor from outside the project folder, although I have also used the menu Edit > Insert > Image from file.

The first image placed normally, and I have inserted a caption beneath the image.

However, the next few images don’t sit just below the text at the insertion point, but seem to be placed after a mysterious space. If I turn on “invisibles” there is no sign of any paragraph characters.

(I’ve checked the images in Windows preview and they view normally: there isn’t any additional space on the top edge of the images).

Does anyone have any idea what may be going on, and how I might be able to fix it?

You currently have a line-height multiple of 2 set for your paragraphs. When you place an image, that multiple also applies as the image is in aa paragraph of its own. It is therefore in a “line” of twice the height of the image. To sort it out, select that line, go to the button which says 2.0x, click on it and select 1.0 or some 1.x to place it as you wish.



Selecting the image and changing the line-spacing has fixed it!


My pleasure.