Mystery and Pulp Fiction Templates

Hello, I’ve never posted a template before so I hope these will work. I have two; the first, “New Murder Mystery Template” is a combination of two Scrivener templates from two authors, Jen Mattern and Mel Corbett. As I said in my credits for that file, Corbett’s site is defunct. I had to retrieve her template via the WayBack Machine because all the other links to her template are dead. What’s in the Draft folder comes from Corbett. All the other folders come from Mattern, with the following exceptions: Back Matter, Unplaced / Deleted Scenes, Critiques, and Reviews. I also added the Logline document in Mattern’s Promotional Material folder.


Here is the file. [attachment=0]New Murder Mystery[/attachment]

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File upload limits oblige me to reply to my post for the second template. This one is based on Lester Dent’s pulp fiction rules. Dent wrote short stories, but I included in the Research folder a brief essay from fantasy author Michael Moorcock, where he explained how he adapted the math on Dent’s formula to write a novel (in three days).


And here is the file.

[attachment=1]Lester Dent - Pulp[/attachment]

Questions? Fire away!

Hey L’escritora, thank you so much for sharing these templates. Very cool of you.

I’d seen Lester Dent’s "rules’ before online, but it’s brilliant that you’ve put them in a template! :smiley:

FYI, I was able to easily load them into the Windows v3 beta.


You’re welcome! And thank you for checking the beta, because I forgot to test for that.

Wow, thank you, l’Escritora, for your templates! So generous.

These links are dead. Could you check and refresh?

Lester Dent - Pulp (292.0 KB)
New Murder Mystery (812.6 KB)



I just saw OldOne’s request; sorry about the links. Thank you JimRac for taking care of this! :grinning:

Not your fault. I think it had to do migration from old to new forum last year. In some circumstances, attachments were lost during the transition.