Name Generator - DembianyDembianyDembicki

Not important, but just FYI - the name generator gave me something that looks like the table it’s drawing its results from is missing a space… I Googled the name just to be sure and it didn’t really find anything for “DembianyDembianyDembicki” but it did find those names independently.

Maybe just keep that result in there but change it to “Dembianydembianydembicki” because you might actually have something good going on here. :smiley:

Now that’s a kid that never forgave her parents. I’m talking backstory here!

Fortune Quartz, Lakeshia Szaino and Anitra Omelijanowicz. I’m thinking BAP*S meets Thelma and Louise.

The Polish surnames were provided by a user, and it does indeed look as though they didn’t separate those three names - I’ve fixed it for the next update, thanks for pointing it out.

Which reminds me of a story… A friend of mine went to a nail bar not long ago to have his thumb nail done (don’t ask - he’s a guitarist and wanted it done for plucking, much to the shame of his son). Bemused by the range of available treatments on the price list board, he asked the girl working on his thumb what the difference was between a French polish and a nail treatment originating in Poland. After a look of confusion and a glance at the board, she replied: “No, sir, polish nails.” His son really wished he hadn’t gone out with his dad that day…

Maybe I misunderstood, but DO NOT take away the ability to mix up names like that. With immigrants to nearly every part of the globe, it is very possible to have an individual with a name that crosses ethnic lines. I mean, in Brazil you would be surprised at how many men are named after Presidents: Lincoln, Jackson, Jefferson, Kennedy, not to mention the pop culture names like Elvis, Dean, Lennon, McCartney… I know of 2 Jonleno (John Lennon) and there is a soccer player named Creedence Clearwater…
Anyways, I like the feature where you can pick say “Indian” first name and London surname or Polish surname… I hope that’s not what you are going to axe…

I’m pretty sure Keith just meant he will separate DembianyDembianyDembicki into Dembiany, Dembiany, and Dembicki, and not take anything away (actually, there are only two names there, and one repeated).


In my experience, names from certain southern African countries are among the most “unexpected” – if you are English, that is – they probably look quite normal in context. I recall that when I was working for a certain organisation in Cambridge I came across a person called “Radiator” and one of my colleagues told me they had known a man called “Bicycle”. “Kalashnikov” was a popular first name at one time, I gather.

Cheers, Martin.