Name Generator Fail

Hello all,

I am new here, sorry is this is a repeat question. I was wondering why the name generator for the new version is not working as well as the last version, is that something that will be changed? Am I doing something wrong? The last version it was very easy and stright forward. This new version- not so much at all.

Maybe you should be a bit more specific about the problem you are having?

So the old version had many options of where the name was originally from. It also allowed people to pick a religion or culture, where the name originated from. The new version is a lot more limited and does not provide as much diversity in where the names are from.

In the Name Generator settings you have the option to add legacy names (or your own name list).

On my machine the path can be seen as
C: > Program Files > Scrivener3 > resources > toolbox > namestool > legacy

You may need to search for your specific pathway.

Simply select the appropriate lists that you require.

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I share your feelings. The name Generator is changed so it’s on par with the Mac version.

Make sure you select a LastName in combination with a Female or a Male name or you will get an error message.

In addition to the legacy name lists, it is also worth noting the collection is extensible. You could readily contrive to make csv files out of any name lists you find.

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Thank you so much! It worked! :slight_smile:

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