Name Generator for Other Uses

I’ve been playing around with custom import files for the name generator. So far I’ve loaded personality quirks, top 100 careers, and phobias into the name generator. This way if I need something quickly I can gen one up.

Anyone else try this?

I haven’t, but I do have an app on my phone called “Brainstormer”, which is a set of animated wheels that are filled (or you can customize) with words and phrases that can then be randomly spun to create unique combinations. This sounds like a very similar, creative use of the name generator.

Aside from randomizing character traits, you can also do the same for settings. Brainstormer had this combo for me:
Fairytale Demolished Monument, which I translate as a Fairytale setting centered on a famous monument that lies in ruins (reminds me of the Statue of Liberty head from Planet of the Apes), although the monument could also be completely fictional.

You can also combine descriptors for chimeras, such as the Sacred Grasshopper-Walrus, or creative/funny profanity, which I will not share here, but I will share the link that inspired my custom Brainstormer randomizer: … generator/

I too use Brainstromer on my Android phone and tablet. I’ve added an additional three customized wheels that I’ve ported over to both devices. I was sitting around one day, rolling the dice, and came up with “apartment, crime of passion, waiter, revenge” on a second or third roll. I immediately recognized it as solving a problem in one of my longer works, and went back to the keyboard to do the work.

I really like the ability to lock the wheels of choice to keep the hints you like and discard the ones you don’t.