Name generator gender and surname


I want to use the name generator but I am having two problems.

  1. All the files I add are marked as male name files while their names are female names.

gender file

These files are the ones supplied with Scrivener.

  1. When I run the name generation, I get an error message telling me that I have not selected a list


I have tried with the preinstalled lists it works. But not with the lists that I add.

Thanks for your help.

You need a lastnames file AND, a female names file OR a male names file selected for this to work. If you import the .csv you can Name the collection as you want and select it’s Type:


Since you can’t rename name collections, you’ll have to remove the imported names and add them again with the right Type.

Also the Gender radio button selected at the top op the dialog window should match the names collection or an error will occur.
Here I ask for Male names, but don’t select the Male Polish name collection, thus the vague and general error message.
This is a usability problem the software should solve on its own.

Hope this helps.

I had a similar problem with the Scrivener name generator after upgrading to V3. It was only solved by uninstalling the program, removing the folders left behind, then re-installing. It may be unrelated to your issue, but it fixed mine.

I did not understand that it takes two files to use the generator. The problem is that in the proposed files I don’t have any surname files. And this even after reinstalling Scrivener as proposed by Teriodin.

Thank you again for your help

Now I see you use the ‘Legacy’ name collections. I don’t know why the Celtic Surnames collection doesn’t exist. Should they be combined with English surnames? Or is it a oversight from L&L? Combining with English Surnames does work…

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Celtic names are not the only ones I want to use and for which the surname file is missing. But I’ll try different combinations to see if it works.