Name Generator Glitch

THe Name Generator was working just fine a few weeks ago. Now it won’t work at all. I pull it up, I select the forename and surname categories that I want, and click to generate – and it tells me I haven’t selected something. When I clearly have. This happens over and over and over.

See screen shot.

You probably have another checkbox checked in that list. When you fiddle with the userinterface controls, you can get it to work.

No. Because I carefully scrolled through the entire list. Those are the only two which are checked. Besides, I used to be able to have more than two checked if I was going for an international name flavor.

When you update any imported lists are lost. Maybe list is corrupted. Try adding new forename and surname lists and see if work

I haven’t yet figured out how to add my lists from a previous version. The only lists on there are the ones provided by Scrivener.

All you do is click + sign in lower right and navigate to text list in explorer and open and imports and label the file.
That is for your own personal comma separated lists.

The lists selected in your screenshot are not part of the default lists in Scrivener 3, so they’re probably legacy lists you imported at some point. There’s currently a bug whereby many imported forename lists are treated as male names, so the error is likely coming from that–with only the female forename list selected, since internally it’s being read as male names, Scrivener’s reporting that no forename lists (valid to the limitations you’ve set) are selected. Try leaving the same lists selected but switching the Gender setting to “Either”.

When you delete the Chinese Female Forenames (with the icon of Male Forenames), and reload the Chinese Female Forenames from Legacy Names, a pop-up asks you for the Title and the Type. Assigning the Female Forenames Type will actually show the pink Female icon in the list and the command will work:



Seems like the Generator is looking for Female names because the Gender is set to Female, but cannot find them and insist it isn’t loaded.

Hope this helps

Except I haven’t imported anything. When I got this computer, I installed a clean copy of Scrivener 3.

I’d still recommend trying either of these two suggestions:


Okay. Is there a way to simply blow away all of the installed name files, since it appears that every single one of the female name files is mislabeled as male?

Darn generator was working fine the last time I used it. I need to find my own name files and install them.

Check the box next to POTENTIAL DICTIONARY SURNAMES, then click the GENERATE tab…it worked for me…Good Luck!