Name generator name lists

I’ve tried to use the name generator feature in Windows version, checking the boxes for Hindi / Indian names.
“No surname lists are selected for inclusion in name generation so no names can be generated.
Use the table in the options to select some name lists to include.”
Are there lists of names to add? If so, where can I find them?
I found one site online that had legacy lists, seemingly converted to a new format, but there were no links, just file names.

Indian Surnames

Add the Indian Surnames from the Add Legacy Name List in the drow-down menu next to the Plus-sign icon. The Name Generator needs Male/Female names and Surnames to generate full names. The Indian Surnames option seems missing in the default set.


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Directly below the name lists you will find a + button with a dropdown menu where you can click on ‘Add a legacy name list…’. This will take you to a list of available name lists including Indian surnames. You can batch select lists and open them to add them to your Name generator list.

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Thank you. This just “saved my bacon”. It was precisely the answer I was looking for.

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