Name Generator name order

If you ever tweak this feature, adding a checkbox like “[X] reverse order” would be nice to generate surname–forename suggestions.

Hi @November_Sierra,

Apologies if you already know this, but in case you’re not aware -

The Scrivener install includes .csv files that contain names for the names generator.

On my PC, they are found in C:\Program Files\Scrivener3\resources\toolbox\namestool\legacy.

These files may be the raw data for the names generator; then again, as the folder is named “legacy”, maybe not.

I’m bringing these csv files to your attention, in case you feel like loading them into a spreadsheet and having fun sorting them. :nerd_face:


How would this be a workaround (other than “don’t use Scrivener for this purpose”)? :thinking:

No, no - sorry - I wasn’t suggesting it as a workaround.

I just thought it was interesting / cool that the raw data was accessible, and I don’t even use the name generator. So was just pointing out that it’s there, as you do use the name generator, in case you also thought it was interesting / cool and could make use of it.


Well, I wanted to give it a try again (with custom name lists)… that’s how I noticed this option is missing. But thanks for your suggestion!

(In case anyone wonders, the macOS default lists are located here: /Applications/ Support Folder/NameLists)

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Read the results in reverse order? :sweat_smile:

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This regular expression for search and replace should do the trick, after you copy and paste the name list into an editor:

Replace: (\w+\b) (\w+\b)
With: $2, $1

That of course assumes simple first and last name listing.

I’m grateful and confused at the same time (gratefused?). Of course fixing the order after the fact isn’t that difficult or the most pressing issue. Like abbreviating forenames. And yet there’s an option “[X] Forenames use initals only”. Why? It’s just a simple quality of life improvement. Scrivener even comes with lists of names (e.g. Japanese) that it can’t combine in the correct order.