Name generator not working

No matter what I select, I can’t get the name generator to work. I’ve looked inside the application package, and the name lists are there.

It tells you what the issue is.

You have to select at least one of the Surnames search options.

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You can see in the screenshot that I’ve selected two options in the list.

Yes, but they’re not surname lists.

So there’s no US surnames? I’m sure there were before.

I don’t use the name generator, but looking at that dialog, I would click on “Set Forename” and “Set surname” with the expextation of a dropdown list which would includ “US names/English names”, “French Names”, etc.

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Those options are to generate names with a fixed forename or surname. So if you only want Smith, you set that surname, and the name generator just gives you a bunch of Smiths.

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Also, in my idiolect, “name” is a full name. Since Forename is used above, I would expect Name to be full names.

What you expect is one thing; how the software works is another.

No amount of jamming a square peg in a round hole will get the peg into the hole.

If, in order to get what you want, you have to make do with how the software works, then select the options as presented to get the desired result. If you have to select from a list of surnames and forenames to get the name you want, then that is what you have to do.

Adapt. It’s quite simple.


My name generated list of popular British Male and Female names, with British and London surnames. (I only wanted 50 generated.)

I found out how to properly use the name generator when I needed an uncommon Polish surname. I didn’t care about the forename so I didn’t select that. Couldn’t generate a list because no forename option was selected. So, I picked any old forename, got my name list, and ignored the forename results.

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