Name Generator "Popular British Names Male" not recognised as Forenames?

If I select, for example, British, London and Irish Surnames with “Popular British Names (Female)” it all works fine, if I unclick that last selection and choose “Popular British Names (Male)” instead I get:
No forename lists are selected for inclusion in name generation so no names can be generated.
Use the table in the options to select some name lists to include.

Same thing happens with “Forenames (Male)”, but the female one works fine.

Any ideas how to fix this so I can generate some random male names? (Just filling out some walk-on characters in a team setting)

I am guessing that I just need to edit some list somewhere to tell it which lists are forenames? It may affect all the male Forename lists as far as I can see

EDIT: Scrivener Version: (1274647) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021