Name Generator stopped working

I needed a name and I was looking at the First Name Meanings tab and when I selected a language and pressed search, nothing happened but the vanishing of all the names in the “all” option, and I can’t get those back either. Can someone help me? It worked fine a couple of days ago… I tried to reinstall and to put it back to standers (although I never imported anything)

Thanks in advance

Sorry, I don’t think I’m quite clear what you’re seeing. The drop-down list for the Name Origin on the First Name Meanings tab is empty? Could you maybe post a screenshot of what this screen looks like? Are you able to generate names in the Random Name Generation tab or are the menus blank in this tab too?

Only the ‘first name meaning’ tab stays empty as soon as I pick a language…

I will try and add a screenshot soon!

I poked at this a little, and I think maybe it’s just confusion about how the search works. If you select an origin from the list and click “Search” using the default “Exact Match”, the list will be empty unless you specify a search term (and that term is found in a name of the origin selected). If you just want to filter the list by the name origin and gender, click the “Exact Match” dropdown menu to choose “Use Gender & Origin Only”. Does that fix it?

You are my hero! Thank you!