Name generator


There is something weird with the “lift” on the right side of the name list.
This list is simply GREAT, and I’m quite curious.
So I wished to see how many names are in there.
I grabbed the handle of the lift and pulled it down.
It went until somewhere in the “A’s”, that means between 4000-6000 names.
All the rest of the way down can only happen by scolling down with mouse wheel, with cursor and “arrow down” or (the fastest) with “page down”.

Keeping the handle grabbed leads to jumps of the same range, as there is no way to pull the handle down.
Releasing it and grabbing it again leads to the same kind of jumps, in a shorter space to handle with.
The only way to know that there are REALLY more than 51000 names in this list, is mouse wheel or keyboard.

I understand that the handle would be properly invisible, if it had the proper size.
May I suggest to add some buttons, such as “next page”, “previous page”, “top” and “bottom”, or simply “next letter” and “previous letter” ?

The dialog is resizable vertically and horizontally.
But when resized vertically, only the “shortlist” will resize, and there is no way to resize between the two panels.