name generator

the name generator would be really really useful if you could key in a few letters and get names using those letters

like sometimes you want a character who’s name starts with H or even HA

bumping this, because it’s what I was interested in… in Brazil it is very common to see a whole family with names beginning with the same letter(s), say: Robson, Roberto, Romario, Romilton, Rosario, Renata, Rener, Reginaldo… and is there a way to ‘sort’ the list in alphabetical order?

Sorry, no plans to enhance the name generator at this time - I’ll consider it for version 3.0, though.

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks!. I really feel bad asking for features cause the program is just so great, but every once in a while you think, 'hey it would be cool if it could do this…"

It’s a little extra work, but for now once you’ve generated the list you can use Cmd-A to copy select it all and then copy it and paste it into a text document in Scrivener and use Edit>Sort Paragraphs to sort it there.