Name Generator

Nice little FREE name generator.


Cool, Thanks LL!

Hosea Fellhauer
(highly obscure name)

Very spiffy, I am having some fun with this. Personally, I am using it to fill in names for the sock-puppet characters in the background, works great! Thanks for the link!

My Lord Lightning,
Are you not in danger of invoking the wrath of the, ‘La Inquisición De la Contra-Dilacio’n’, (The Anti-Procrastination Inquisition).
I would counsel caution, Master.
I remain Your servant

Thanks vic-k, you always manage to bring the sunshine!


Must be seeing things from a different perspective than the rest of us :open_mouth:


This is only useful for US-based names. Try finding a name that you could use for UK characters. I mean Forrest Schlather??

We need somone to do similar using UK census. Or make up your own :open_mouth:

SIR FORREST SCHLATHER KCBE. VC… wots wrong wi that? :open_mouth: We are a mongrel race after all!
Never heard of the Scunthorpe Schlathers, or the Schlathers of Oswaldtwistle ??
Go down Stockport Town centre at this time of night , and theres hundreds of old Schlathers knocking about...oops sorry!! :blush: Im thinking of old schlappers,tch! tch!
[size=85]Where`s she put my bottle?[/size]

I wrote a thingie that generates names that are “lexically similar” to the list of names you give it. So if you already have a bunch of names from your story world’s culture, it will produce additional names that are somewhat similar.

You can also use it to produce gibberish in whatever language you like, just in case your language doesn’t naturally offer enough gibberish.

It’s called The Gibberizer:


Mr Hemery!
It is most irresponsible of you, to make this, ‘Thingy’, available to the likes of Wock & Jaysen, who gibberize like hell already. :open_mouth:


It isn’t gibberish. You just don’t have the secret decoder ring.

Do take care
Dr Mulality

I always wondered where they got them, those names supposedly of the senders on all that spam. Now I know. There are always just two names, never three, and never any initials. Plus, there are always lots of “cross cultural” names like Rosarita Epstein and Lumumba McKee. Definitely a case of Eureka!

cool application, I really needed this instead of hunting through a baby book.