Name generator

He’s a list of some names that Scrivener (Windows) generated with the source ‘English’.

I believe the name generator for the Mac has an 'attempt aliteration; option. Could we have an ‘attempt sensible’ option instead, or at least some way to keep out the joke names from our results?

Yardley Pimm
Cass Willman
Janicia Schofield
Birkee Wooden
Dee Hosfield
Arleen Dean
Lauretta Lifsey
Lyla Ellens
Tarrence Ledsome
Hrychleah Ellis
Alger Gee
Bardrick Elkin
Kaitlyne Bleak
Thormond Pruet
Ron Flemings
Faine Richey
Marlowe Bullen
Halebeorht Binning
Andres Hobler
Keannen Seger

Phone books down at the library work great, too. A first name from one page, a last name from another.

What kind of names are you looking for in a generator? Those look reasonably good to me, and not the sort of “Jane Doe, Bob Smith” names that would drive me to use the name generator in the first place.

I have to agree! A quick gander at any big city phone book will yield far sillier names than these, And we need to remember, no name generator can possibly take the place of artistic taste and judgment. The generator can’t possibly know what it is you are looking for beyond the simple filter selections you make…

Several thoughts here.

  1. What, no Sergei Stroganoff? No Sinbad Brittle or Ossip Knothole?
  2. I kind of like some of those generated names, though. If I wrote fiction, I’d have Yardley Pimm, Birkee Wooden, Hrychleah Ellis, and Halebeorht Binning on a double date.
  3. If you think those names are odd, you should visit the U.S. Midwest, where German, English, Scandinavian, and Eastern European immigrants met. Where I grew up in Indiana, Marlin Riegsecker and Marilee Moneyheffer would be perfectly plausible names.

I still prefer the Scrivener Mac offerings - they just look more useful returns for an English derived name. And what’s wrong with having an ‘ONLY SENSIBLE’ option? I’m the last one to moan about stupid names, but I’d still like to see some ‘options’ handed around a bit more.

You probably are.
‘ONLY SENSIBLE’? What is this even mean? Sensible according to whom? This whole notion is ridiculous. Use the names you find sensible and leave the rest to be.

The tool is simply a waste of space.

follow the link to see what ‘sensible’ means, or use a dictionary.