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Gender selection has no effect on the names generated.

The Misogynistic Name Generator:

I am using Version: Beta (1204128) 64-bit - 17 Feb 2021, and the name generator does not select the country chosen. It throws up only names I associate with GB. The suggested first and last names are interesting but ridiculous. This function worked in previous Betas, albeit clumsily.

Also, I preferred being able to select only forenames or only last names. The W1 version of this was easier and more effective to use.
Thank you.

Are you able to provide reproducible steps. The only way I receive the “No forename lists…” dialog is when I select Japanese Names(Male) from the names list and ‘Female’ in the Gender , or Japanese Names (Female) from the names list and ‘Male’ in the Gender- which are to be expected. So, I need more info please.

Selection works for me, which names are you trying to select?

I’m getting weird behavior with this. If I select both male and female names lists, then I get both male and female names, no matter what gender is selected up above. For example, below Japanese Names (Female) and Popular British Names (Male) are selected, and the generator is set to give only male names. Female Japanese names are generated anyway.

[attachment=2]Names Screenshot.png[/attachment]

If, however, I deselect the male names list, now female names are not generated—I get an error. Looks like female names are included only as long as at least one list of male names is selected. (Same result with the genders swapped.)

[attachment=1]Names Screenshot 2.png[/attachment]

I would expect the behavior in example 2, but the behavior in example 1 seems wrong to me.

Another big thing is that the Japanese Surnames list does not play nice with some of the other surnames. Most of the time if multiple surname lists are selected, they’ll be generated at a pretty equal rate. But if the Japanese Surnames list is selected alongside certain other lists—most noticeably the Catalan Surnames, Finnish Surnames, Irish Surnames, Literary Surnames and Potential Dictionary Surnames—then only Japanese surnames are generated, never names from the other list.

For example, below, Popular US Names (Female) is the forename category selected, and both Japanese Surnames and Literary Surnames are selected, but only Japanese surnames are generated.

[attachment=0]Names Screenshot 3.png[/attachment]

A similar problem exists with Spanish Surnames + Literary Surnames, where only Spanish surnames are generated. I didn’t test all possible combinations of surnames, but I do know some work together and some don’t: Japanese + Spanish is fine, as is Literary + Polish. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the Obscurity slider, what order the lists are selected in, or what lists were selected for the generator’s previous round. It’s just that some surname lists seem to override others.

Other minor things:

  • The Japanese surname “ota” is not capitalized
  • The label for “CatalanSurnames” is missing a space
  • Is there a reason there’s no German Names (Female)?
  • Ditto for German Surnames, Hindi and Indian Surnames, and Irish forenames for either gender

Thank you for taking the time to respond in detail. I now see the issues and will address them soon.

This has now been fixed and will be available in next release.

‘ota’ has been uppercased.
‘CatalanSurnames’ now has a space.

As for the remaining two points: German female forenames and surnames, Hindi and Indian surnames and Irish forenames:
A large portion of our time and work on Windows Scrivener these past years has been attempting to mirror Mac Scrivener look, feel and functionality. On Mac none of these names list exist, hence why they also appear missing on Windows. Tiho and I, thought it a good idea to allow Windows users the ability to load all previous legacy name lists, as they were extensive. Therefore, all these ‘missing’ names can be added as follows:-

Legacy Windows Scrivener names list can be added via ‘Add Legacy Names List…’ (plus button at bottom of name lists box)…

In the legacy list you will find:
German: Surnames, male and female forenames.
Indian: Surnames, male and female forenames.
Irish: Surnames, male and female forenames.

No Hindi surnames exist on either platform; however, I would assume that there would be many Indian names that might be suitable for most users. There is nothing to stop a user loading their own names list via ‘Add Names List…’ (plus button at bottom of name lists box) and building a specific list of Hindi names should they so wish.