Name List Location

Where are the default name lists for the Name Generator stored?

Hi Shaun,

I don’t know where the list location is, but depending on what you’re trying to do, you may not need to know, as the Scriv manual provides instructions on how to export from and import to the list.

See section 20.3 The Name Generator.

If that doesn’t help, let us know what you’re trying to do.


I don’t see anything about exporting.

I want to look through the different lists.

The file seems to be called “alias” and is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener\resources\toolbox\namestool\alias, but it’s semi-encrypted so it won’t do you much good.

Hi Shaun,

Yeah, I was mistaken, there isn’t any.

From the manual (emphasis mine):

20.3.1 Name Meanings
Along the top of the window, you will find two tabs, one labelled “FirstName Meanings”.
Click on this tab to reveal a spreadsheet with all of the names in the database, organised by
gender, origin, name, and meaning. You can narrow down the list using several optional
filters at the top of the window, and even search for letters or words in either the meaning
or the original name.

As with the main name generator interface, you can copy rows out of the spreadsheet
with the Add Selected to Shortlist button. This will copy all of the data in the row for
your future reference. The shortlist is shared with the name generation tab, so you can
mix meanings with full names that you’ve generated.

I read this too quickly and did not test it before replying to you. The “spreadsheet” in tab FirstName Meanings contains all of the names in the database, but I wrongly assumed, based on the terms “spreadsheet” and “copy rows”, that it had a bit more functionality than I found when I actually tested it. :cry: :blush:

You can do this from tab FirstName Meanings.