Name stamp on comments

Dear all,

I have “user” appear on my comments as my name and time stamp. Please advise how I may change this to my name :frowning:

I have a payed for version, and work on Windows 8.1


Currently there is no way to modify this in Scrivener; it just takes the name from your Windows user account.

You could enable additional substitutions in the Corrections tab of Tools > Options and set up a replacement, so that for instance you could type “;sig” and have it immediately replaced with whatever name you want for the comments & footnotes. It wouldn’t occur automatically when you create the note, but since the default text is pre-selected, you can easily overtype it and then finish with your custom signature.

Thanks for this quick response MM. Actually, I have changed my account name on Windows to my name. I’ll try rebooting to see if the change takes effect in Scrivener.