NaNo code problem (code isn't working)

When I try to use my NaNo code to pre-order scriv, I get this message:

The coupon entered is subject to order requirements that were not met. You may try another coupon, or proceed without entering a coupon.

I’m pre-ordering the educational license, if that makes a difference.

What’s the problem?

I get a message telling me the code has expired - I’m trying to pre-order the normal scriv, not the educational version.

The NaNoWriMo discount only works on the full version; you can choose either that or the educational license but not both.

The code on the winners page got updated last year when the initial one expired in May. It sounds like you’re using that original, expired code. If you didn’t copy the new code from the page, you can send an email to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com with a subject line of “NaNoWriMo 2010 Coupon Code” or such, supplying us with your username, and we’ll work on getting you last year’s correct code or a replacement. This won’t be immediate, though–Julia’s working overtime trying to get codes out to people quickly, but it’s going to be a few days at best as there’s a lot to do. (We don’t actually have a list of who code what codes and so on, as they were handed out by the OLL team, so there’s a bit of back and forth with them and the company that handles the transactions.)

What about the “regular” 20% Coupon Code (“NANOWRIMO”) from the NaNoWriMo-page? If I try to apply it to the regular license pre-order I get the following message and the code doesn’t work:

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The code on the winners page got updated last year when the initial one expired in May. It sounds like you’re using that original, expired code.
Nah, I was using the generic NANOWRIMO - I didn’t win last year

Well I was expecting the worst but my coupon code sailed right through and I got the full discount.

I got the code directly from the NaNoWriMo site as soon as it was available last year and I haven’t been back so perhaps not all codes expired.

My code worked as well! But I can’t remember if I got the new one or still had the old one. I suspect it was an old code because I emailed support and received a code just now that’s different from the one I had saved.

The “NANOWRIMO” coupon was set to work from 1st November onwards - seeing as it is intended for NaNoWriMo participants who don’t make the 50,000 words and thus don’t win the 50% coupon, it’s rather defeatist to use it before NaNo has even begun. :slight_smile: However, earlier today I changed the start date to 31st October, so if you used the coupon in the past couple of hours, it would have worked.

The NaNo 2010 winners’ codes should have worked though.

Ah. Thanks MM.
BTW, the codes are coming really fast. I sent my email before I went out trick-or-treating and it came while I was gone.

Kudos to Julia; she’s been working furiously to get these out to people. Feel free to forward some of that candy on as thanks… :wink:

It would take while… I’m all the way over on the East Coast. I love the West Coast, and go there often, but not this year.