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Hi everyone,

I’m a teacher starting a new job in September, so started my 30 days on 23rd July. It’s now week two, and I’m struggling a bit. Any spare enthusiasm any one had would be appreciated. Plus my plot is tying my head in knots, if anyone can point out the simple way forward for me.

Someone is plotting to blow up the York Minster on Guy Fawkes night. Does anyone have any idea who might want to do that?

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A x

Dear A,
I’m biting my tongue!
Except for Good Luck!

Erm, a historian or other person who believes Guy Fawkes’s original message, to stop all religious persecution, had been forgotten, and maybe even is the reason (if reason is needed) for the current religious problems. Although I’m not sure why he’d pick York Minster for that, instead of the government.

So maybe his reasoning is the opposite: the fact that religion has largely been forgotten because of the way the churches operate, and he wants to draw people’s attention to the fact that the old days were better.

Or maybe someone has uncovered the “true reason” for the Fawkes plot (whatever that may be, but it’s not what people usually think it is), and wants to raise awareness.

Or maybe they were just looking for a date, and they figured, not only would it be apt, with all the other fireworks about, but we might even lead investigations astray because police think we picked the date for any particular reason. :slight_smile:

Or, maybe his father was killed on Guy Fawkes night a few years ago, and the murder is somehow linked to York Minster, but was never officially solved, and he’s now taking revenge. So while the police are looking for some religious reason or a Guy Fawkes connection, the real reason is not what they’d thought.

I’m sure you can come up with about 25 other scenarios. Anyway, good luck.

Fabulous thank you! I especially like that last one. :smiley:
Funny thing, I’m good with characters but have always been a bit inept with plot!

If I wasn’t biting my tongue, I’d probably say something totally out of character, such as: look no further than the malcontents that most of Scriv’s crew is comprised of.
However, should you feel inclined to trawl deeper waters, you could consider:

A) Rabid fanatical Muslem Fundamentalist Jihadists.

B) Rabid and deranged, Über fanatically loyal, self styled Commando Special Force Vatican Swiss Guard.
B2) Rabid and deranged, Über fanatically loyal, Jesuit controlled Secret Society of Opus Dei’s self styled Commando Special Force

C) Rabid and deranged, psychologically/emotionally fragile, Secret Society Of Gay Vicars, Traumatised beyond reasoning with, because they’ve been denied the right to seek ordination as Anglican Bishops etc.etc.

D) Rabid and deranged, Über fanatically loyal, self styled Commando Special Forces of the Guy Fawkes
Rehabilitation Society& Merchandising Co-Operative.

Devout but randy Catholic couple, having just been delivered of their 14 child in fifteen years, consequent to being denied the use of birth control by the Catholic Church, and under the erroneous assumption that York is a Catholic Cathedral.


How about some Dan-Brown style religious fanatic taking revenge for the banishment of Catholic adornments in the Reformation five hundred-plus years ago, in other words a counter-Fawkes whose family down the centuries has been waiting for this moment, an ancestor having been banished/tortured/killed alongside the artefacts, one alone of which was kept and hidden away?

Or a Stephen-King style force of satanic malevolence which failed in its goal of uttterly destroying the building in 741, 1069, 1407 and 1984, and is having a final apocalyptic go now?

The place is built for back-story. But you don’t say what your genre is. :slight_smile:

Edit: Fluff got there first.