NaNoWriMo 2010 Planning

It’s a little (a lot) early to start thinking about NaNoWriMo 2010, but I’ve decided to do a lot of novel planning ahead of time.

If anyone would like to join me, I’m doing a series of posts leading up to NaNoWriMo 2010. I write fantasy, but the posts try to incorporate other genres as well.

Naturally, I’ll be doing my writing in my beloved Scrivener, and I’ll be adding scrivener-specific tips when appropriate.


Regardless of how you do (or don’t!) prepare, I hope everyone has a fantastic NaNoWriMo!

hey i will be joining you in this!! i signed up a few weeks ago, but ive been bust with a bunch of things, i will be sure to drop in here and swap ideas!!

Haha I’m afraid I’m already planning. I wasn’t planning on planning this early, but a fantastic, NaNo-worthy plot dropped itself into my lap the other day, so how could I resist? :slight_smile:

I’m planning idly, considering what plot idea to use this year.

I’m planning on doing Script Frenzy first, though. :mrgreen: Haven’t yet decided if I’ll write the graphic novel script or movie screenplay.

kill 2 birds with one stone… write the screen play then adapt to the novel…

Sadly, that won’t work. They’re two entirely different stories. Same world, and the MCs are friends, but the stories are some years apart.

I’ve mostly finished my preliminary planning for Nano-2010. I actually came up with the idea and plot while I was working on my Nano-2009 story. However, before this year’s Nano rolls around, I need to finish work on last year’s.

I’ve recently decided to go with a total re-write. I started the with very little direction. I had fully developed characters, a fully developed world, and a loosely developed plot. This has led me to a 110,000 word novel with no ending it sight. I was at 80k at the end of November, 100k by the end of December, and have spent the last four months trying to figure out how to wrap up the story. Finally decided that I just need to start over now that I know the plot direction.

I’d love to say that I’ve learned from this experience, but I have a feeling that I’ll do the same thing with this year’s Nano.

Man, i got set back!! 1. I took on two more translation projects (I translate books from Portuguese to English). 2. The family is moving half way across the country.
Where thre is a will there is a way, I will sally forth!!

I’m late on the planning, as I couldn’t come up with a competent story idea, when I realized I only wrote a few thousand words last WriMo. I ditched the writing, and this year I decided it was a good plot, it just needed better fleshing out before I started.

I managed to cram in a plot outline, synopsis, and timeline, and I’m just about ready to get this party started only four days after starting to plan. Cramming is serious business. :wink: