Nanowrimo 2018?

In the past, L&L has posted the Nanowrimo trial version during the second week of October. Today is the beginning of the third week of October and so far I have not seen the Nanowrimo trial version posted. :question:

I try to announce to the Google Plus Scrivener Users community when the trial is posted. Because Google has announced that next year, G+ will be closed down, I am encouraging the members to use for future Scrivener discussions.

Keep an eye out for the appearance of the nano page today! :smiley: It’ll be a broken link at this very moment, but once we get the last few pieces gathered together we’ll publish the page.

Thanks for helping to transition the Scrivener community over to a new venue. I’ve never heard of Cake before—do you happen to know if they support RSS? I was going to try and subscribe to the Scrivener group, but it looks like the kind of thing where you have to log in to the site every day and check up on it.

As far as I know only has email notification and a website bell icon.

By the way, as I complained quite some time ago, the new L&L blog platform does not have a newfeed either.

Cellar Door did have a newsfeed.

“newfeed” or “newsfeed”

You can see new posts with search.php?search_id=newposts

Argh, yeah. RSS feeds for the blog (posting and comments per article) are on the list for the web developers, as are visual access to feeds for the forum. You can subscribe to forum threads and boards, but in most browsers you need a plug-in that shows feeds.

We’ll probably be hiring them to do some touch-ups soon enough, but I don’t know any details.