NaNoWriMo Discount for Mac?

Last year I recall there being some free trial for October, November and December. If we reached 50K during NaNoWriMo we could get Scrivener half-price on the Mac. I’m aware this is taking place for the Windows version this year, but will the same take place for the Mac version this year?

Thanks --Marco

Yes, the same coupon will be available for winners this year as well. The coupon can be used once to purchase either Scrivener 2.0, or Scrivener for Windows (when it is available) at half-off. You can choose which to use it on at your leisure. The coupon cannot be used to upgrade Scrivener, though, given that the upgrade cost from 1.x will only be $20.

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Hi there, I’m just wondering if the 20% discount for nanowrimo’ers (who didn’t finish the word count) is still in effect?

Discount won’t help you win this years yimeenmeenimo, or whatever. You’ll just have to get your act together and write faster.
Hope this helps.