NaNoWriMo template Daily Target

This is my first time using the NaNoWriMo template. Under templates it has a “Daily Target” template which I don’t understand. Can anyone help? Does it just count the words for that session? I thought anything under “Manuscript” was automatically counted. I’m a bit confused but will keep working at it till I figure it out or someone gives me a clue.

It’s for those that like to write the day’s goal in a single document. We’re demonstrating how it is possible to set up a boilerplate starter file that has a goal already wired into it, ready to go.

If you’re the sort that prefers to write here, there and everywhere, than yeah just keeping an eye on the Project Targets tool is going to be what you want.

People do that? :open_mouth:

Probably! I did for one year, I chose to use a somewhat episodic format to keep myself on target and moving forward. I would write one major event every day and try to keep tinkering with previous day’s work to a minimum—and if I did mess around adding stuff in other sections it felt like a bonus because that stuff “didn’t count” toward the daily goal. :slight_smile:

So are the older templates still working on Scrivener 2.9.0.whatever and 3.0? :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried it, but they should work! If it’s like on the Mac, after the project is created from the template, then it will need to go through the project update procedure, since the template is saved in the older format.

We’ll have the new templates and demo version available shortly, as well.

Yay! It’ll give me an excuse to actually write something this year…