Nanowrimo template for iOS??

Hi all,

I downloaded the special Nanowrimo template for Windows and Mac (yes, I own all three versions!), and installed them on my desktop and laptop computers. However, I will probably be using my iPad for most of my writing.

There didn’t seem to be a link to a template to install in my iOS version. Do you have a specific template for iPad/iPhone, or can I use one of the other template versions?

If the latter, how do I import it into Scrivener?



Sorry, I’m not sure how to work with Templates on iOS Scriv.

But you don’t really need to, if you have Mac or Windows. Just like any other type of Scrivener project, you can simply create a project from the template on either your Windows or Mac, and then move the new project to your Dropbox folder, so you can access it when on your iPad.

Hope this helps,

Sure, I could do that, and have already done that for my 2016 novel. But, what about the person who only bought the iOS version?

Hi Robert,

As there is no mention of templates in the iOS tutorial, my educated guess is that iOS Scrivener does not currently support them.

But that’s just a guess, so perhaps someone from L&L will clarify this point.

Perhaps some kind person could convert the Nanowrimo template to a project, and make that available to folks who only own the iOS version?


ETA: I just created a Scrivener project on my iPhone, and unless I missed something, there was no opportunity to utilize a template. Perhaps in a later version templates will be supported?

Yeah there is no project template feature in the iOS version: comments from Keith.

Regarding having someone create the template for you as a project, if they are a Mac user, make sure to inform them of using the instructions provided in §6.10, Templates, pg. 53, under “Template Placeholder Tags”. Otherwise you’ll get all of their personal contact info pre-filled out into relevant cover sheets. :blush:

I would stress there would be very little reason to do that (and why we didn’t provide one). All you would be getting out of the template are its binder items, nearly all of which would be irrelevant or in service of features that don’t exist on iOS:

Hence you could replicate the functional aspects of this template on your own with the following steps:

  1. Rename “Draft” to “Manuscript”.
  2. Tap into the untitled document’s editor, tap the stats in the header bar and set the project goal to 50,000 and the daily goal to 1,667 (or whatever your goals are).

Done. :slight_smile:

The person I ended up having create the project via the desktop app was me, so I guess I’m OK then? I honestly don’t remember whether I did it via the Windows app, or the Mac app since I own both.

Unfortunately, I didn’t read the information you quoted today about page 53, so not sure what other issues I might run into along the way.