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As it’s that time of year again, I’ve decided to used it to continue an existing project which only has 15k words so far. So I copied the folders and documents which are blank but have plotlines in the notes to a fresh NaNo template. The only thing is that the dily target shows as 50k whereas when I did it last year, it was automated. Have I done something wrong?


The “50,000” part of that would not have been automated to any degree, nor do I know what it would automate to. Are you referring instead to the daily session target, which would be calculated off of 2023-11-30?

It should be working if you are using this year’s template, but it’s no big deal if you aren’t. Just click Options…, then enable the deadline checkbox and set the date. Other than the graphic, I think that’s the only thing that changes from one year to the next. :slight_smile:

Sorry, yes, I meant the session target. When I did it last year, the target wasn’t editable, it was automated depending on the overall word count and the number of days left.

I wasn’t aware there was a new template but I’ve already set the deadline date so maybe it’ll all sync when I do the 1st wordcount update?

Hmm, that part should already be working, it is separate from the word count upload feature, if that is what you mean. It would of course be “wrong” in that it isn’t Nov. 1 yet, so the session goal would be smaller than the normal 1,667, but it should be showing you something (~1,3k I would guess).

Oh, I see what might be going on, there is another checkbox in the Session Targets tab to check, which will cause it to automatically set the session goal from the deadline. You can have a deadline in general that it counts down toward, but keep manual control of the session with that checkbox disabled. That sounds like what you are describing.

This is what I have onthe Session Targets tab

So 1st day of NaNo and I’ve tried the upload. Now getting the following error

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 15.43.58

A few people have mention this in the NaNo FB group. Wondering if it’s a NaNo or Scrivener issue

I am getting the same error. I did last year as well, and I know I found help on fixing it, but I cannot find it this year. I had to change the name of my scrivener template so it wasn’t duplicative, but I do not remember what I did. :confused:

Worked flawlessly for me last year

Just rebboted my macbook and it’s working now. Might be a coincidence though.

Daily target still isn’t right. Showing as 50,000

The NaNoWriMo word count update feature is now working as expected for me, so I suspect that it was just a temporary server glitch.

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There is a weird anomaly though. When I go to do an upload, I get the following:

But when I click “Update Word count”, I get:

Which is the old total. The number is correct on the Nano website though.

Is this happening 100% of the time? Could be as simple as the wrong variable being printed into the dialogue box.

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Yes, happens every time

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I am also seeing this error
It appear to be reporting the word count of the last update, each time.

Thanks, I’ve got it written up to take a look at already. We probably won’t fix it this time around as it is kind of awkward fixing NaNo versions, since the automatic updater is deliberately turned off (to avoid swapping people over to the timed demo). Just pay more attention to the first message that shows what it will update to. :slight_smile:

yup and it does seem to update the total on the website correctly.

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