NaNoWriMo Winner Discount Code Not Working

I’ve got a friend who is trying to purchase Scrivener for Camp NaNo. We tried both her 2018 winner code and my 2018 winner code on the site, and both times an error popped up saying “please provide a valid coupon code.”

The codes are structured NANO18WINNER-XXXXXXXX. The site says the code is valid until November 1st, 2019.

Anyone experienced this before and have a solution? Thanks!

Were they affected by the change away from esellerate? I’d email L&L directly.

Oh! That makes sense. Thanks, I’ll send them a note and update with the response.

Hi All,

Just a quick follow-up for anyone who finds themselves in the same boat. Sent an email to support and received a reply the next day confirming that last year’s codes will not work on the new ecommerce system.

The representative provided a replacement coupon code, and my friend was able to successfully have the discount applied to their purchase.

Happy writing!