NaNoWriMo with Google SSO

I signed up for my nanowrimo account using my Google SSO, which means I don’t have a password with the site. How can I log in to update my project word counts through Scrivener?

This is probably something the NaNo staff would know more about than us, we’re just using their web site API. From the sounds of it though, you need an actual account to use the API.

Thanks! I’ll ask them.

Enabled the NaNo template on my project as per the instructions through the link provided in the update notes. I go to enter my login information and it repeatedly fails. I’m guessing for those that use Google as a log in, are not able to utilize this feature?

It was indeed because of a Google Login. To workaround this if you want to use this feature, just click “Forgot Password” on NaNo site. Then enter your Google email and follow prompts. I was successfully able to login to NaNo via the new NaNo WC feature after doing this.


I know i had an issue with setting a new password with nano it took a while the site is very slow