Probably old news to some, but importing templates works now. :slight_smile: (Truth be told, I normally start with a blank project.)

Anyone in this year? I’ve got an idea, and a hint of a plot forming.

I’m in – hence my anxiety about getting a Linux version compatible with 1.9 for Windows. :slight_smile: I have a setting, some characters, and about half a plot so far. As usual, there’s probably far too much story to fit into 50K.

Looks like there’s a thread started for 2015 in the NaNoWriMo forum.

I’m psyched this year. I have a plot, a few characters, and a setting. More prep than I’ve ever had.

I’ve got a person asking me for a piece, too, so I might need to duck out. Said person’s a good friend, but not good about advance notice.