Navigate to next/previous docs in Full Screen mode

Hi- While I’m in Full Screen mode, is there a keyboard shortcut for navigating to the next/previous documents within a container? I realize I can go up to the menu bar for View > Editor > Go To…, but this is rather tedious. Often I just want to another document quickly to check on something and then come back (this is if I haven’t multi-selected and am editing the Scrivenings…)

Cheers, Adam

No there is not a way, but a handy trick is to select all of the documents you intend to edit, before entering full screen, and then use the history keys to jump in between them. These are Cmd-[ and ], by the way.

Oh cool! Didn’t know about that one. And I even went through the tutorial! I’m going to make a scriv file just on the great short cuts/hints/work arounds from the boards!