Navigating between documents in full screen mode

This is probably a case of me missing the obvious, but I can’t find any way to move from one document to the next or previous one in full screen mode, without exiting full screen mode, going to the binder, picking the document I want and going back into full screen mode.
I know (of course) about the edit scrivenings idea, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

Does anyone have a way of doing this?



The Go To menu still works in Full Screen. You just have to move your mouse up to the top for a second to get access to the Scrivener menus. However, I prefer premeditation. Select all of the documents that I know I’ll be working with in the Binder, and then go to Full Screen. Now they can be accessed using the history commands. You can kind of think of it as invisible tabs for your full screen. Just as with tabs, you have to load them up first, but once you have them you can switch between them easily.

I’ll admit… I hated your first idea: too cumbersome.
But I love your second idea, and I’ve made it my own.
Thanks very much for it.

Declan the Grateful

Yeah, I am not a huge fan of using that menu either. I find it much faster to actually close Full Screen and located the file in the Binder than to use the menu; what you were doing before. But it is there, and it does create a history queue, so there is that.