Navigating multiple selections in locked editors

In a locked editor that is showing multiple docs, the contents of the editor is unaffected by what happens in the binder.

However, when you click in the binder on a doc that is in the locked editor, the editor will locate to that doc. This is useful and convenient for navigating a long multi.

But: it is not possible to use the “Next/Previous document” keyboard commands to do the same navigation, even when the docs involved are adjacent to each other.

When I try to do this, the locked editor doesn’t respond, and binder navigation (as indicated by highlighted items) gets weird, with some items never getting highlighted. Yet (again), if I click with a mouse, the browser responds as expected… or at least as I’m expecting it to do based on how it responds under other, comparable and related circumstances.

I’m not sure if this is a a bug, or a semi-useful unintended byproduct of what happens when changing the selected binder item on a locked editor. But it would be nice and useful if a locked editor with multi selections responded to changes made via keyboard to the selected binder item as it does when those changes are made with the mouse.

(It occurs to me as I type this I have customized the key assignments for prev/next document command… but that doesn’t have any affect on how the command is carried out… right?)

It should be working exactly as you intuited it to. It looks like there is a broken implementation there. You should be able to use those shortcuts to navigate through a session without breaking the lock. Once you get to the end, either the top or bottom, you can navigate out and by doing so, break the lock. It looks like half of it is working, but not the important half. :slight_smile: