Navigation in the Binder question

I want to be able to click a text in the Binder and go directly to that page in Scrivenings with all other texts before and after also displayed in Scrivenings. When I click now on a text (one without children) it shows only that text and nothing else. I’m new at this and suspect I’m missing something. Any ideas?

From what it sounds like, you’ve clicked on a group already and are viewing it as Scrivenings. If you want to then use the Binder as a way of navigating within that session, try locking the editor. This can be done with Ctrl-Shift-L, or by clicking the icon in the editor header bar and selecting “Lock in Place”. The result will be obvious: the editor header bar should turn pink. Now you can click on items within that Scrivenings session and scroll directly to them, without losing the context of the items around it.

This is a special behaviour. Ordinarily when the editor is locked like that, no clicking in the Binder will do anything, so you have to click on something that is already in the Scrivenings session for this to work.

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Bingo, that does it! Thanks.
The implementation is slightly off: when I click on an item in the Binder, the top of the text appears at the very bottom of the screen. It would be more intuitive if the top of the text appeared at the top of the screen. But anyhow, locking the editor does the job.

Yes, we’re aware of the scrolling problem, and that’s something that will be corrected as part of overhauling Scrivenings in the next major version to make it work a little more seamlessly.