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I have just completed creating a Scrivener project for a novel, which I had been writing in Word. What happiness! I wish I’d found you earlier.

Here’s my simple question:

Suppose I am working on a scene in my novel, and I want to update my character sketch, which I’ve located in a binder folder called Research. I switch to my character sketch. Then I want to return to my place in the scene. Is there a keyboard shortcut to instantly take me back to my insertion point in the scene?

Apologies if this is a stupid question, but I haven’t been able to find an answer in Scrivener’s (excellent) manual or here on the forum.

Finally, I’d like to second the wish for full compatability with Dragon. (I know I should put that in the Wish List section of the Forum.)

Many thanks for any help, clpix

Alt-Shift-left arrow takes you to the previous document in your editor’s history. Keep in mind that if you split the editor, each split has it’s own history.

If found this, by the way, by going to Tools->Options->Keyboard, and filtering on “previous”, as that was my 2nd guess as to the right word describing this feature. You can browse that interface to learn more about how to do things via Keyboard in Scrivener.