One way I scroll through manuscripts is to use the page up and page down keys (on a Windows machine). When I try these in Scrivener, they don’t work like that at all. They go to the top or bottom of the text, which could run as many as 20 or 30 pages – and when I do this accidentally by habit, it takes me a lot of time to try to find my way back.

Is there a way I can make the page up and page down keys work like they do in MS Word? Or, are there other keyboard shortcuts that do the same thing?

Here’s my take, based on a quick look… note that I’m using the new Scrivener for Windows beta which may differ…

When editing a single selected document, PgUp/PgDn appears to move through the document a screen at a time.

When editing a ‘scrivening’ (multiple documents selected in the binder or within a selected folder, concatenated within a single view in the editor window), PgUp/PgDn appears to do the following cycle… bottom of current document, top of next document, bottom of that document, top of next document, bottom of that document, …

That makes some sense, as it provides two different scales of movement… incremental within a single document when editing a single document, beginning/end of documents when editing multiple documents.

I don’t think I see modifiable/customizable entries for this in Tools > Options > Keyboard.

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, vertical scrolling via the scroll wheel, within active editor window seems to work as desired, regardless of whether editing a single document or scrivening.

And there are various scroll bar options (dragging indicator, clicking up and down arrow, right clicking for various movement choices).

Hope that helps.

This is a guess, but it’s probably an artefact of the technique being used for Scrivenings here, which is basically just stacking a whole bunch of text editors together, creating the illusion of one. There are a few oddities that are visible from this method, such as pressing Ctrl-A to select all, it will only select the current section’s text. We plan on fixing this in time (it’s a pretty complicated problem to get multiple file contents into something that acts more exactly like a single editor), to make it easier to do things like selecting from multiple documents, changing the font on a large scale and so on, and hopefully that revamp will cause the PgDn/Up keys to work as they should.

Thanks for the considered replies.

I had started to write in the combined mode (all chapters running together), and after reading your answers I realized that if I were to write and review every chapter individually, then the PgDn/Up keys work. I will just have to train myself to work on my chapters individually.

Many thanks again.